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Pre-Paid Cell Phones

In this technologically advances century, most people have a computer and ninety five percent of people have a cell phone. Although the most advertised phones tend to be the ones attached to a two year contract, but there are several attractive choices available for those who prefer not to be tied down with one provider. […]

Cheap Long Distance Call Services

The demand for affordable long distance calls has been on the rise for quite some time, as such, there are many providers ready to offer their services. Many of these calling plan calls are made through the pc using a technology known as the VOIP or voice over internet protocol. In most parts of theUnited […]

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging which is known commonly as the IM is a kind of communication that occurs between 2 or more individuals. The communication occurs in real time, the concept has the similarity to the telephonic conversation but here Instant Messaging allows individual to write texts to the other person in real time and then the […]

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a procedure which allows two or more people located in different locations to communicate in real time. This can happen in cases such as attending lectures, attending company meetings or any other activities that people would like to discuss or talk about even when they are in different locations. It therefore removes […]

International Calling Cards

International Calling Cards are also known as international phone cards. They really come in handy especially for anybody who travels a lot since they are always available day or night. Therefore, no matter how far one may be from their family, friends or business associates, international calling cards really help out a great deal enabling […]

Benefits and Negative Aspects of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are used for many reasons, which include always keeping in touch having family members, completing enterprise, and access a phone number we’ve passed away of the unexpected emergency. People use cell phones for a variety of reasons. Various SIM homemade cards may also be familiar with the benefits of various calling plans – […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is quickly becoming the most desired communication option towards telecom people. All of them are moving in on the internet mobile phone along with the offers involving low cost phone services for everyone. Advantages and Positive Features VoIP services are fantastic forms of communication for this modern day and age, […]

List of AJAX Links and Informational Pages

Here is an undescribed list of all links over AJAX: Call Mexico: Call Pakistan: Call India/ International: Call International: Calling Cards #1: Cheap Telephone Calls UK : Unlimited Calling Card: Calling Cards #2: MagicJack: Vonage: AT&T Wireless: Verizon Wireless: T-Mobile: Sprint: […]

Mobile Calling: Prepaid and Contract Services

As the technological age continues to advance, cell phone usage is also increasing. Over the past two decades, the number of cell phone companies in the world has surpassed the number of landline phone companies, and most the landline phone companies also offer a mobile calling service. Cell phones have become a piece of almost […]

VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol (also known as VoIP, Internet Telephony, and Voice over Broadband) is a group of communication protocols and techniques used to deliver multimedia communications over the internet. Three Main Techniques There are three main types of VoIP techniques. The first technique is known as IP Phones, the second is known as Software […]