The Difference between an Online Fax and an Email

Anyone can tell you that when sending an online fax, you will have to send it as an email attachment. Well that is the case, but how exactly is using the now popular online fax different from sending an email? The truth of the matter is that there is no big difference. The only significant difference is the fact that online fax services are always associated with email and a fax number. The fax number, just like phone number, can be given out like any other conventional fax number. It is through this number that clients and customers can reach a company.

It is impossible to have an online fax service without a service provider. The providers only act on behalf of their clients. They simply handle all incoming and outgoing faxes sent to the number that they gave their clients, before they can deliver the faxes to the recipient. Once a fax comes in, the online fax service provider will send you an email with a message attached to it in a TIFF or Pdf format. When it comes to sending faxes, the process is simple. You will send the fax to a certain number using your mail or you can simply log in to your online account and send the fax. There is no point whatsoever where you will use ink and paper as was the case with the traditional system.

Note that the online fax service providers often have different services. There are some good ones that can provide you with advanced software that can make your work very easy. The software will enable you to send and receive your faxes right from your desktop. If by any chance you need a hard copy for the fax sent or received, you will simply make a print out. While it is hard to get a company that can allow you to use your old fax number with new online fax system, there are companies that allow you to stick to that number. They will simply allow you to port your current fax number to their services. This means that you will not have to put up with disruptions on the vital communications of your company.

Sometimes, it may be hard to understand how the whole online fax systems works.  This is mainly because the main online account should also be connected with your email account. However, it should be noted that as already hinted, it is possible to receive and even send your faxes using your email address. If you have a good service provider, they will let you connect more than one email address to your fax number. This will bring in lots of convenience especially if you want your customers to receive the same messages from one email and your clients to receive the same messages from another. This brings about a very important factor which is all about security. Unlike the old system that could not be encrypted, this one can be easily encrypted to ensure confidentiality. You can send fax to specific clients or workers and ensure that only they can have access to the fax.

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